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To create Self-sustainable, Infection-free Hospitals, Medical Facilities that incur minimum Routine Service Cost, offer Holistic and affordable Medical treatment that eventually contribute to the betterment of the field of Health and Wellness, globally.

Are You Looking Consultation For...

Looking at setting up a Specialty / Multi Specialty Hospital / Super Specialty Hospital (Green field & Brown field) ?

Seeking to lease or Invest Hospital or Joint Venture opportunities in the field of Hospital (New or running) ?

Considering the idea of Rehabilitation or Restoring a Sick or an Incomplete Hospital ?

Interested in Hospital Administration or Management ?

Intending to set up a Medical College & Hospital ?

If yes, then we are a Holistic answer to all the above, in the form of a versatile pure Hospital / Healthcare Consultancy.

Healthcare Industry remains to be a major sector in any Economy with respect to the revenue and employment it generates a contributing factor to its Development.

At Isometrics India as Hospital Project Consultant we understand this and have been incessantly contributing to the enhancement of the Healthcare Industry in and around the Asia-Pacific region for over 20 years, as a dedicated team of Hospital Project Experts of various Domains with versatile and experienced Hospital Project Professionals, we have all the fields covered under the Medical Umbrella.

Our scope of work engulf the entire spectrum in Hospital Project Consultant from Hospital Architecture extending upto studying a Medical Set up defining its competency and developing/upgrading small hospitals into Multi specialty, Super Specialty Hospitals.

As a team we are also Medical Consultants offering consultancy to Doctors, Architects & Hospital Owners to establish best Hospitals with Standards, comfortable and Affordable hospitals.

With a experience that is virtuously field oriented, we can assert that our understandings of the shortcomings of a Medical Facility are precise. Whether it is the huge Operational Costs incurred in running a Multi Specialty Hospital or Patients related tribulations due to shabbily designed hospital setup.

Getting Isometrics India as Hospital Project Consultant on Board is ideally partnering to create a system that is accurately doctored with knowledge ensuring a brilliant Medical Facility and gratifying Patient Experience.


  • Time bound project completion within stipulated budgets.
  • Holistic Medical Consultancy
  • Hand holding from designing a Medical Facility/Hospital to its Inauguration and beyond.
  • Happy Doctors-Happy Teams!

Our Values

To ensure that, every patient and dependent that walks in to a hospital walks out smiling and satisfied.


To collaborate with or assist Doctors to establish their idyllic Hospitals with specialty Concepts, procreating optimized patient flow, backed by the best amenities, within budget and on pre-planned structuring schedules.

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Hospital Project / Business Consultants.

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