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Purchasing/selling/leasing of land or buildings for hospitals

The Quantum of Hospital Project leads them to become extremely speculative at every stage of the contract, and hence hiring experts to facilitate major decisions such as Hospital purchase, Hospital sale, and lease of land or construction of the structure, can eliminate a certain degree of uncertainty. 


The Isometrics Edge 


1)    Selecting a reserve land for Hospitals 

2)    Studying and Converting constructed or under construction Buildings

3)    Ready for possession or setting up a Hospital 

4)    Rent/Lease property for Hospital or Buy Hospital land for construction

5)     Selection of Hospital property

6)    Viability and feasibility study for Hospitals


At Isometrics, we take up Hospital Projects that are of the scale of 20,000 square feet and above for land or open spaces and 50,000 square feet and above where a Hospital Inveconstructed space is concerned. We also maintain stringent confidentiality with the Client Data and a severe level of filtering is done before prospects meet clients.  


  • Purchasing a hospital is a profit yielding smart investment
  • Purchase for merger and growth
  • Purchase a hospital and start enjoying the benefits from day one
  • Inherit the existing patients when you buy a smoothly running hospital


  • Make sure that you profit from our experience and contacts in the industry
  • Clients meeting your expectations will be directly introduced to you
  • Confidentiality will be maintained at all stages


  • Avail of the best choices to lease hospital set ups
  • Understand the advantages and make informed choice
  • Our thorough market research enables you to foresee what to expect

Hospital Project / Business Consultants.

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