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Corporate Social Responsibility

In India, expenditure on Healthcare is considerably low compared to similar emerging Economies. Statistics state that this figure is less than half of the Global average in terms of Percentage, when calculated on GDP basis. With an intention to boost this number, the Government of India has introduced a new set of Guidelines for Public Sector undertakings under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to act as a major motivator. Hospital CSR not only abide the regulations which should be followed  but also fulfills a significance difference which is present in the society. Hospital Corporate Social Responsibility enables an orginisation to help & support the society as well as the employers by investing in Hospital/ Healthcare Sector.


CSR Services At Isometrics:


At Isometrics,we extend our Services to Companies and Organisations who are looking for Healhcare CSR, as we include every aspect of the Healthcare sector.

Industry and cater to it holistically.

• We work with core Management team of the Company to choose a suitable Hospital or Healthcare to fund.

• Subsequently we chalkout a systematic plan to utilize disbursed funds.

• Further we ensure that the standard operating Procedures are in place for the Company to monitor utilization of the funds.

• Thereafter we establish Metrics to analyse the impact created by the donated funds year on year.

Are you socially responsible?

  • We keep track of the government rules and regulations pertaining to CSR in the health care industry
  • We ensure that your funds will be invested in the most suitable CSR schemes
  • We guide you to be socially responsible while benefited at the same time

CSR as an investment:

  • CSR must be viewed as an investment which will reward in more than one way
  • CSR to comply to the rules
  • CSR for monetary gains, image building
  • CSR to contribute towards a better nation
  • CSR as a tool to bond with the general public and promote the core business

Hospital Project / Business Consultants.

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