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Joint ventures in the health care industry

Structuring and negotiating in a Hospital Joint Venture requires great level of diligence, getting into the depth and asking valid questions to fathom the facts at every level. 


As Hospital Consultants, and Healthcare Joint Venture Consultancy Specialists, we play a key role in ensuring the smooth running of a project, irrespective of whether it is a Charitable Hospital, a self-sustainable or a Commercial Hospital. Healthcare JV can be extremely critical to form and run as there must be a win-win situation for all major Stake holders and this is precisely what Isometrics assures. 


We carefully study a project and its concept and understand the objectives of potential investors/partners who are planning to start Hospital JV, their reputation and strengths, working Capital needs, probable Expansion, existing Patient coverage and Equipment/assets Audit to thereby suggest the best module of Hospital Joint Venture.


Following are the most common reasons behind a Joint Venture:

• Governance

• Access to Capital

• Enhancement of Quality

• Efficiencies and Bargaining Leverage

• Continuation and Expansion of Services

Hospital Joint Venture handled by Isometrics have turned out to have churned exponential profits and benefits as they have undoubtedly been handled carefully and professionally.


Why Joint Ventures

  • Experienced partner is directly involved in the governance.
  • Increased capital and opportunities.
  • Best quality Equipment and Services to meet the high standards of the Industry.
  • Guaranteed Profits, reduced Costs & increased efficiency.


Problems are likely to arise if:

  • The objectives of the venture are not crystal clear and communicated to all stake holders
  • The partners have different objectives
  • There is an imbalance in levels of expertise, investment or assets brought by the different partners
  • Different cultures & management styles result in poor integration and co-operation
  • Insufficient leadership & support in early stages

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