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“Isometrics India Pvt. Ltd.” has been relentlessly working in the Healthcare Industry as Hospital Project Consultants for more than 20 years, with numerous successful Hospitals projects, we also render our services for Medical College/Schools and loyal clientele to our credit, the Expertise and Experiences we bring in all our services are incredibly valuable.

As esteemed clients of a niche, respectable Profession, Isometrics’ clients receive tangible benefits through services that are great value for money. To survive and excel in the Healthcare Industry, it’s inevitable to adapt technical excellence and business acumen simultaneously, starting from Hospital Plan it is very essential to keep a feasibles and easy Hospital Design within the stipulated Hospital Budget.

A Hospital Ecosystem is highly sensitive on multiple fronts, at Isometrics, we not only comprehend the level of care needed to efficiently run such an Ecosystem but also the probable setbacks that can be avoided at every level of establishing and running a super Multispecialty Hospital. The most important benefit of partnering with Isometrics is guaranteed non-compromise. 


We design facilities keeping in mind the following factors:


• Intuitive access to various departments for Patients, Dependents, Doctors and support staff.

• Facilities are designed, anticipating Expansion.

• Amalgamation of all stakeholders involved to common causes and goals so as to facilitate smooth day to day operations of the hospital.

• Partner fairly in the responsibility of the Hospital to co-ordinate with Vendors and Project team.

• Designing the Healthcare Architecture Facility with reference to the well-established Healthcare Industry (NABH, JCI etc.)

• Adopting Innovative concepts, latest technologies, latest medical practices; all within the budget and Project schedule.

• Assistance right from “Kick Off” phase to Project Handover while offering suggestions for multiple feasible options from Project planning phase to 

   everyday running a Hospital.

• Time is valuable and so is Money. We take this very seriously by our virtue of 2 decades of specialized experience handling loopholes in areas such  

   as HVAC Systems, firefighting, MGPS, modular Operation Theatres,etc.

• "Business for us means- meeting client needs" – we are an entirely independent identity and not affiliated with any Architectural, Engineering, Real

   estate or Construction firms. This independence allows us to represent the interests of Professionals from the Healthcare Industry without

   reservation and without any real or perceived conflict.

Our strengths:

• We take pride in being Responsible and Reliable.

• Cost effective and great value for money.

• Balancing financial aspects and Social Responsibilities culminating in improved Healthcare Services provided by the Hospitals.

• Implementing ethical Medical Practices.

• Strict adherence to the Guidelines of World Health Organization, Medical Council of India, Pollution Control Board, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board.

• Entrusted due to Quality Services provided.

• Tried and Tested solutions.

• Finally, we Co-ordinate systematic disbursement of Donations at chosen intervals of time.

Professional Consultants:

  • Custom made solutions that perfectly suit your circumstances and aspirations
  • Speedy solutions since we focus on your requirements and deliver the same
  • Knowledge of ‘best practice’ and effective solutions from experienced experts in the field
  • Practical options which can be readily implemented

Does consultation cost make you think?

  • Having us as your consultants is equivalent to having a trusted business partner sharing your business interests. You will get more for less. Mitigating the risks, saving your precious time and efforts, earning guaranteed success and tangible benefits will more than compensate you for our reasonable fees.

Hospital Project / Business Consultants.

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