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Module 1: Viability / Feasibility study & Project Report

Module 2: Medical facility combination

Module 3: Pre-designing & Conceptual Designing.

Module 4: Architectural Layout Consultation & Planning.

Module 5: Services Consultation & Planning, Co-ordination.

Module 6: IT network Consultation & Planning, Co-ordination.

Module 7: Medical equipment Consultation & Planning, Co-ordination.

And Many More...

Our services:

As Medical Consultants, we offer an array of services. Clients can opt for Segmental Services or total Turnkey Solutions to comprehend their Healthcare Dreams. We are ever willing and keen to serve anyone who conceives the idea of building a Hospital, or expanding an existing one. Doctors, Hospitals, Medical Schools, Healthcare Institutions and Investors interested in the Healthcare Sector are mainly our kind of Clientele.


         Hospitals are not ordinary buildings; they are multifarious structures, comprising of many sections, meant for different medical departments, all of which are essential to treat patients suffering from numerous syndromes. The intended purpose of any Medical Facility or Hospital Architect Layout and its criticality make them extremely challenging to conceive, plan, design and deliver.
         With lives at stake, we strongly believe that only experienced & Professional Hospital Project Consultancy group like us can be entrusted with the challenges of setting up a Hospital Project. The most fundamental apparatuses of structuring a Healthcare Unit are Research leading to Probability Analysis, Planning, Design, Coordination, Bidding, Reporting, Execution and Support. Ideal Hospitals should not be designed by Hospital Architect alone they must be established by experienced specialists who understand the dynamics of the Healthcare Industry, by virtue of experience in the domain. We are expert Group who provide unique Hospital Project consultancy
   As Healthcare Project Consultant We do manage Healthcare Project from scratch to End level by Providing appropriate Solutions. Hospitals/Healthcare must be handled with Compassion and Care and no one understands them the way we at Isometrics India do as prominent Healthcare Project Consultant.
         The inception of Isometrics India happened out of our Passion and Knowledge of the Healthcare Industry and of over 20 years of unique core domain experience and expertise Hospital Project Consultancy. This was backed strongly by the vision to provide much needed comprehensive solutions through expertise Healthcare Planning from Single Speciality Healthcare Setup to Quaternary Care Hospitals, in and around Asia. We are located & Operate from Pune, currently we operate in India, Africa and Middle Eastern regions.
         Isometrics India boasts of having a versatile, self-contained team of experts comprising of Project Engineers, Doctors, Administrators, Bio-medical Engineers and Architecture Designers with decades of hands Experience on Hospital Planning, we not only consider Hospital Project but also assist in Healthcare Architecture. Based on this experience, we assure that our insights can save incalculable amount of time spent on discussions with vendors allowing focusing on priorities.
         Our forte remains to deliver the expected while operating well within the comfort level of the investors, without compromising on the quality. Expert Project Management coupled with Domain Experience and immaculate Medical Consultancy certifies efficiency and Success.

Our Three pronged Goals:
  • To provide financially viable Solutions to our Clients.
  • To contribute towards wellness of the Patients through our Projects.
  • To be a socially responsible and Ethical Company

Our objectives:

  • To conduct viability study and construe if the Business Plan is profitable or not.
  • To analyse and clarify in quantifiable terms and suggest the appropriate investment in terms of Medical Equipment and Facilities required within the pre planned Budget.
  • To enhance Cost through bidding.
  • To instrument tried, proven and result oriented solutions.
  • To exercise control through right engineering implementations for infection prevention.
  • To create a comfortable Hospital Experience for a Patient and the Dependent.
  • To strictly adhere to the norms and guidelines provided by World Health Organization, Medical Council of India, Pollution Control Board and
  • Atomic Energy Regulatory Board.
  • To never compromise on the quality of the Infrastructure lest risking lives.

Turnkey solutions:

At Isometrics India, when we take up a Hospital Project Consultancy for Turnkey solutions, we take the entire accountability for setting up a Hospital with a vision in mind, right from conceptualization, moving forward through completion of construction to finally placing in Business Processes that ensure smooth Operations and maximum Profits from this Endeavour.

Infection prevention and control:

Launching a supreme Hospital is a task. But a bigger challenge is to run it seamlessly. And the most critical part of running a Medical Facility is to make sure it is 100% infection free. Any degree of Infection in Hospitals could be detrimental to recovering of patients. In fact, it affects all the stakeholders. Avoiding infection or keeping it to a marginal level is essential and the process begins at the planning stage and continues through right till the completion. There are numerous loopholes in Engineering Services that could invite Infections. Defects in false Ceilings, PVC flooring, laminar airflow Systems, AC ducting, OT & ICU pendants, Modular OT and Scrubs are few of the most commonly known locations where Bacteria thrive. Implementing state-of-the-art Engineering practices blindly, that may not be suitable to a Hospital, are likely to result in Stake holders facing calamitous consequences. Poor Engineering services also mean enormous preventable financial burden to the management and the patients. Isometrics India as Healthcare Project Consultant however can assertion its mastery in Infection Prevention and Control while offering Consultancy to the Clients.

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